Patient Self-Removal of HEMIGARD During COVID Now Published

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Press Release - Patient Self-Removal of HEMIGARD During COVID Now Published

JAAD Case Reports recently published, “Use of a novel adhesive suture retention wound closure device to prevent follow-up visits during the COVID-19 pandemic”; a case study demonstrating patient self-removal of sutures after wound closure repair.

Practices based out of Oregon, Virginia, and Florida were concerned at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic about patients’ needs to return to the clinic after surgery for superficial suture removal. The use of the HEMIGARD™ ARS device, known to bolster fragile skin during wound closure under tension, was elected as the main support for wound closures prior to COVID-19 so that patients could avoid a follow-up visit.

Two factors combine to result in easier removal of the retention suture by the patient with the ARS device. First, the Hemigard™ ARS eliminates the problem of ingrown sutures by elevating the suture above the skin level. Second, the large bite retention suture, over the course of 2 weeks of retention, will gradually stretch out, making it easier for the patient to get scissors underneath the circle of the suture.

The SUTUREGARD® Medical HEMIGARD™ ARS device allows surgeons to perform primary, linear closures in fragile skin, avoid flaps, grafts and second intent healing while minimizing patient return visits; an essential tool while the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Based in Portland, Oregon, SUTUREGARD® Medical, Inc is a private company offering novel medical devices for surgeons to repair challenging surgical defects more simply. SUTUREGARD® medical devices are intended to provide minimal wound trauma and reduce the healing period after surgery, providing better results for patients.

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JAAD Case Study


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