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Stretch. Clamp. Close.

Pre-stretch the skin before wound closure or use as an alternative to skin flaps, skin grafts, or second intent healing.

SUTUREGARD® ISR Device mohs surgery suture device

Enlarged to show detail. Actual size is 3mm x 0.75mm

SUTUREGARD® ISR Retention Suture Device
How it Works

minimally invasive wound closure step 1


Large bite (10mm) suture. We recommend SUTUREGARD® ISR Retention Suture Device custom USP 0 suture.

minimally invasive wound closure step 2


Remove suture needle and insert ends of suture through slots of bridge and washer.

minimally invasive wound closure step 3


Apply tension to suture and clamp or knot.

minimally invasive wound closure step 4

Finish Closure

Place additional wound closures supports (e.g. sutures, staples).

*Please refer to the Instructions for use for additional information.

Clinical Benefits

Skin relaxation is twice as effective as wide undermining with fewer complications, and saves time and improves patient outcomes.


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Relax & Close, More Wounds, More Simply.

Making wound closure easier for surgeons and better for patients.

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