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First, let’s back up. Tissue is sent for pathology to answer one of two questions: “what is it?” or “did I get it all?” The question of “what is it?” is answered with the initial sampling, or biopsy. A piece of skin (or other tissue) is removed from a patient, preserved (or “fixed”) in formalin, sliced into thin pieces, stained so that cellular detail can be seen and then examined under the microscope. In dermatology, biopsies are performed to diagnose rashes as well as to evaluate for ...
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Mohs surgery relies on processing tissue. The tumor is removed but then it is studied & laid down to map out the tissue. This tissue is then frozen & thin sections are created to be viewed in a machine where cells can be seen. If you want to learn more about Mohs Surgery & how it works read more.
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A basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is one of the most common skin cancers. Every year, there are over 4 million BCC diagnosed in the United States. While BCC is very common, it rarely spreads to internal organs or lymph nodes. However, it can be locally destructive and invade the tissue around it.
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