Press Release - SUTUREGARD® Presenting at the American Society for Mohs Surgery

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Press Release - SUTUREGARD® Presenting at the American Society for Mohs Surgery

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SUTUREGARD® Medical will be presenting at the American Society for Mohs Surgery (ASMS) Closure Course in Phoenix, AZ the weekend of January 25th-26th, 2020. "This is our second year at the ASMS Closure Course. We are very excited to be launching our second product, the HEMIGARD™ Adhesive Retention Suture Device, at this course", says SUTUREGARD® Medical's COO, Jen Akeroyd, PhD, RN. The HEMIGARD™, for short, allows surgeons to close fragile skin wounds with suture without tearing the skin.

The HEMIGARD™ allows surgeons to put more than twice the force on suture without damaging the skin compared to other commercially available adhesive-tape devices. In appropriate cases, surgeons will be able to avoid skin grafts and second intent healing when using the HEMIGARD™. The product has been trialed by surgeons and is FDA registered. Peer-reviewed publications are in-press, including: Roybal, L., Blattner, C., Young, J. & Lear, W. (In press). A novel adhesive suture retention device for the closure of fragile skin under tension. JAAD Case Reports.

"ASMS courses are intimate, allowing us to build strong relationships with attendees. We launched the SUTUREGARD® ISR device at a ASMS conference in November 2018 and returned to that conference November 2019. We are excited to see familiar faces and develop new relationships at the Closure Course", says Jen.

Based in Portland, Oregon, SUTUREGARD® Medical, Inc is a private company offering novel medical devices for surgeons to repair challenging surgical defects more simply. SUTUREGARD® medical devices are intended to provide minimal wound trauma and reduce the healing period after surgery, providing better results for patients overall.


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