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Stress-relaxation is a corollary of the more common term, “creep”. When skin is put under force or tension by internal or external tissue expanding “devices”, it stretches (creeps). There are two forms of creep: mechanical and biological.
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How many times have you done an elliptical excision, and the postoperative scar result is widened at the center, despite your excellent technique? We accept this as the status quo. Of course, the scar result was wide at the center. That was the point of highest tension at the time of the closure. Let’s take a step back though.
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This is a frequent question that is posed to me by my Mohs fellows. First off, by "deep sutures" I am referring to absorbable sutures placed in the dermis of a wound closure. It is traditionally thought these sutures will be provide support to a healing wound longer than the superficial staples or sutures. Anticipated benefits would be less wound dehiscence and improved scar cosmesis.
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Skip the scalp flap or graft with the SUTUREGARD® Rapid Interaoperative Tissue Expansion (RITE) Device.
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Sales are proven traction. Investors love it. But for inventors, sales have a deeper, transformational meaning.
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