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Press Release - SUTUREGARD® Medical, INC. is Presenting at the American Society of Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting

SUTUREGARD® is pleased to announce CEO, Dan Ladizinsky, MD, will be presenting for the second time at the American Society of Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting, March 12-14, 2020. Ladizinsky is eager to return with the SUTUREGARD® IRS Retention Suture Device and introduce the HEMIGARD™ Adhesive Retention Suture Device, recently launched in January 2020.

This is the second year SUTUREGARD® Medical, INC. will be attending the American Society of Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting, taking place in New Orleans. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons invites plastic surgery practitioners, residents and other healthcare professionals interested in translating expanded knowledge into practice for the improvement of patient outcomes in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The HEMIGARD™ Adhesive Retention Suture Device, launched in January 2020, has received great feedback, early users are calling it, “Brilliant!”. Ladizinsky, a plastic surgeon of 30 years, recommends using the HEMIGARD™ Suture Device to reduce risk on high tension closures, as a primary suture at midpoint of thin/fragile skin closures, on groin incisions, as a part of scar revision strategy, and on any revision/redo surgeries.

In regards to the SUTUREGARD® ISR Retention Suture Device, Ladizinsky recommends using the device to reduce risk of wound separation, on any scar revision, to achieve primary closure on high tension areas, on a revision surgery, and on patients with multiple scars to avoid undermining and risk of ischemia.

Based in Portland, Oregon, SUTUREGARD® Medical, Inc is a private company offering novel medical devices for surgeons to repair challenging surgical defects more simply. SUTUREGARD® medical devices are intended to provide minimal wound trauma and reduce the healing period after surgery, providing better results for patients.


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