Mohs Wound Closure Testimonials | How Mohs Surgeons use SUTUREGARD

Surgeon Testimonials

Maria Schlund, DPM
Itasca, IL

mohs surgeon maria schlund dpm suturegard testimonial

"HEMIGARD® really cut down on our suture time, that's for sure; beautiful product...easy to use. I think this is the way to go"

Dr. James Polo
North Carolina

mohs surgeon julia obadiah md suturegard testimonial

"My 92 year old patient with a 1.5 cm squamous cell carcinoma on atrophic, damaged forearm skin closed beautifully. I don’t think I could have closed the defect... without use of the HEMIGARD®. The skin...would have torn with traditional suturing methods."

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Benjamin Perry, DO, FAAD
Meridian, ID

mohs surgeon ben perry do suturegard testimonial

"The HEMIGARD® is a fantastic device that makes skin closure faster and reduces the risk of dehiscence.  It minimizes damage to the skin leading to less prominent scarring and minimizes the risk of suture tearing through the skin which can be particularly helpful for patients and sites where the skin is very thin.  It is extremely intuitive making it easy to adopt for all physicians including residents in training.  In short, it is an essential tool to add to the armamentarium of any physician performing closures of the skin."

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Nancy Marchell, MD
College Station, TX

mohs surgeon nancy marshell md suturegard testimonial

"I used the SUTUREGARD® to repair a 3 x 4 cm defect on the Occipital Scalp and was amazed that I was able to close this post Mohs defect without a skin graft or secondary intention healing. I will definitely be using SUTUREGARD® again for large defects on the scalp."

Jay Herbst, MD
Port Charlotte, FL

mohs surgeon jay herbst md suturegard testimonial

"The SUTUREGARD® is the first new device for intraoperative skin expansion in years. Previous methods involved cumbersome multi-piece devices or caused unacceptable tissue damage. This device is easy to use and allows me to reduce closure tension across defects of varying sizes and shapes. The effect is most apparent in large wounds, particularly on the scalp and lower legs, where flaps can be replaced with linear repairs. I have also found that some moderate-size defects in these and other areas can benefit from reduction of tension, resulting in smaller repairs and easier recovery for the patient."

Julia Ho Obadiah, MD
Portland, OR

mohs surgeon julia obadiah md suturegard testimonial

"The SUTUREGARD® is a great device for the scalp! I used to use pulley stitches and towel clamps to stretch the skin but that traumatizes the skin. The SUTUREGARD® device leaves the skin nicely intact and allows me to close a defect with a primary closure instead of doing a flap."

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