Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

A New Way to Simply Close Wounds After Skin Cancer Removal

Patrick Dillion

"When I received the disturbing news that my biopsy taken from the top of my head came back positive for Melanoma in Situ, I knew that a wide margin surgical procedure would be necessary to remove the potentially life-threatening cancer. I understood the importance and priority of the surgery but at the same time, I have a full head of hair and didn’t want a large bald spot atop my head so I started researching on the internet for a something that would help aid in a primary closure which would also help with the aesthetic outcome as well."

"After searching for many hours I finally came across this company called who claimed to have a medical device that would greatly aid in the primary closure* of large incisions by gently stretching the skin. I immediately contacted the company and found them to be very helpful. I referred my plastic surgeon to them and he said their product appeared doable and was willing to give it a try. He did use the product and after stretching my scalp skin gently for about 20 minutes, was able to close the wound simply in a straight line. He said he would have done a skin flap if we didn’t use the SUTUREGARD®."

"I am so glad I took the time to find this new product created by Dermatologists and a Plastic Surgeon because it worked wonders for my surgery allowing my doctor to perform a primary closure resulting in the successful removal of the Melanoma along with minimal hair loss. "

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