HEMIGARD ASRD prevents and manages wound dehiscence.

HEMIGARD® Adhesive Suture Retention Device (ASRD)

Adhesive Suture Retention Device (ASRD)

Hemiguard Adhesive Suture Retention Device

HEMIGARD®​ ASRD has two identical adhesive strips with holes.

The portions of each ASRD strip are stiffer closer to the wound edge and have very low stiffness at the trailing edge to prevent shear injury and blistering.

How it works

The HEMIGARD® ASRD is used with standard nylon suture to close acute surgical wounds of high tension (up to 10lbs of force).


Clean and thoroughly DRY the area into which the HEMIGARD ASRD strips will be adhered.


Place HEMIGARD® ASRD strips so that the holes are 10mm from the wound edge.


Suture through FULL THICKNESS SKIN and through the holes of ASRD.

Finish Closure

Use one HEMIGARD® ASRD or HEMIGARD® Interlock for every inch of closure. HEMIGARD® ASRD can be used to support the wound for up to two weeks after surgery.

*Please refer to the Instructions for use for additional information.

Prevent & Manage Wound Dehiscence.

Making wound closure easier for surgeons and better for patients.

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