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HEMIGARD® Interlock


HEMIGARD® Interlock has zones of differing stiffness to offload stress in medium-tension closures without sutures and supports a wound closure for up to three weeks postoperatively.

Hemiguard Adhesive Retention Suture Device

How it works

How to use the HEMIGARD® Interlock

To clean and dry skin, adhere loop piece with loops facing the wound and adhere hook piece (strap) on other side of wound so that strap is partially overlying skin. Pull strap to manually offload tension from wound edge and interlock the hooks of the strap onto the loops. Allow Interlock to support the wound postoperatively.

How HEMIGARD® Interlock
Makes Standard Sutures Better

1. End zone prevents blistering

The trailing zone of HEMIGARD® devices stretch under low tension, thus reducing shear force in high tension closures. HEMIGARD® Interlock can support medium tension closures: up to 5 pounds of force!

2. Punctureless

Uses a strong and easily adjustable hook & loop mechanism to close and support wounds.

3. Save time

The use of HEMIGARD® Interlock was found to have $93 to $159 of operative time savings compared to standard suturing.

Relax & Close, More Wounds, More Simply.

Making wound closure easier for surgeons and better for patients.

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