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HEMIGARD® ARS Device Reimbursement

Device Reimbursement

For clean, non-contaminated surgical wounds, linear closures are classified according to CPT® terminology as follows:

  • Simple
    • A single layer of repair (e.g. sutures, staples, adhesives)
  • Intermediate: the elements of a simple linear closure PLUS
    • Limited undermining (less than width of wound)
    • A deeper layer of closure (e.g. buried absorbable sutures)
  • Complex: the elements of an intermediate closure PLUS AT LEAST ONE OF:
    • Free margin location (e.g. nostril, helical rim of ear, vermilion border of lip)
    • Exposed structures (bone, cartilage, neurovascular, etc)
    • Retention suture
    • Extensive undermining (measured from perpendicular line of closure and greater than the width of the wound)

The HEMIGARD® ARS Device is recognized as suture retention device (FDA 21CFR878.4930).

For informational purposes, the following chart highlights the difference in reimbursement* between intermediate and complex linear closure:

Due to the Multiple Surgery Reduction Rule, reimbursement of a linear closure is reduced if it is performed on the same day as a higher RVU procedure (e.g. Mohs surgery) as follows*:

*Calculated as RVU of each procedure multiplied by 2020 Medicare multiplier ($36.09 per RVU).

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